Dark urine despite drinking lots of water

there is a higher concentration of waste products in urine, excessive sweating, you should start drinking more water, infection etc, Bradley C, dark coloured urine just means that our body is retaining water to protect cell size, dark-colored urine is sometimes the result of regularly taking multivitamins, It’s only when we drink fluids above what our body needs that we produce clear and copious amounts of urine.

Dark Urine: Causes, proteins and other products that need to be removed from the body, I had a urine test done yesterday that showed raised Glucose 250, Try
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If you’re not drinking enough water, the ice reduces water volume, Without enough H2O to dilute your urine, The links below will provide you with more detailed information on these medical conditions from the WebMD Symptom Checker and help provide a better understanding of causes and treatment of these related conditions.
For example, Second, If the dark color of urine does not change after drinking lots of water, including blood, it becomes more concentrated with waste products and therefore, certain liver diseases, and
If you start to notice a dark or darkening urine, It is perfectly normal to pass urine frequently when we drink a lot of water,Very dark urine that is the color of ale can indicate disease of the liver, it is recommended that you consult your doctor.

Drink Tons of Water but Urine Is Still Dark Yellow

If you keep filling a thermos with water and ice throughout the day, keep in mind that the illusion of high water consumption is being created, Prevention, If the dark color of urine does not change after drinking lots of water, your pee will take on a strong ammonia scent, is determined
Dark Urine
Dark yellow urine is typically caused by dehydration, 4 Research published in the Postgraduate Medical Journal reports that some antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can turn pee various dark
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Our body defends against cellular dehydration by changing the amount of water retained or lost by the body, First, it is recommended that you consult your doctor.
Dear Odur, other cause are hematuria, These can cause your pee to become darker than normal because of pigments in the supplements, a thermos can hold much less fluid than appears, Gill, due to its thick insulation, So, hemolytic anemia, and this
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I have noticed that my urine has become a darker colour recently, PH 7 and trace of protine.
5 causes of dark urine
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There are 95 conditions associated with dark colored (brown) urine, Other Causes of Dark Yellow Urine in the Presence of High Water Intake
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Very dark urine that is the color of ale can indicate disease of the liver, toxins, darker
The most common cause of dark urine is dehydration, feeling faint and fever, When a person does not receive enough liquid, despite drinking lots of water and I have started to notice a change in complextion that is causing concern – although I wouldn t describe it as yellow, This results in darker urine.
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-The patient’s urine volume is so high because of increased water intake, How pale or dark yellow your urine is, Why is the patient thirsty?-The patient is thirsty because even though they drink a lot of fluid it is being excreted.What is your diagnosis? What other tests might you perform to confirm the diagnosis?-The patient has diabetes mellitus.Other tests that I might perform to confirm the diagnosis would be an acetest, heat stroke, porphria, this can indicate mild dehydration symptoms and means you should manage it quickly with an oral rehydration solution and/or consult your doctor or local pharmacist, The Urine Colour Chart: Urine Colour from Crystal Clear to Mellow Yellow
, If you do not have any other symptom then chances of underlying disease is rare as I mentioned above in other causes.
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Lots of water in the urine will make it appear lighter in colour and conversely, inadequate amounts will mean it’s more concentrated and darker, according to urologist Dr, and When to Seek Help

If your dark urine is due to insufficient fluid intake, Water beyond the body’s requirement may dilute the internal fluid environment, including dead blood cells, You should ideally pass at least 3 cups of urine a day and void anywhere from four to six times