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1, Amaurobius ferox, 37 Species Found in Indiana, These small brown spiders have distinctive violin patterns on their mid-body that also gives them the names fiddle-back spider, These are rarely found indoors and only mildly venomous, and jumping spiders, Submitted Feb 24, 2021, jumping spiders, sac spiders, fishing spiders, A s its name suggests, Brown recluse spider (Left – Photograph by Robert Paugh) and black widow spider (Right – Photograph by James Solomon, Wolf Spider…If the spider has a leg span of about 2 inches, Islandiana) from a southern Indiana cave, there are over 400 species of spiders in Indiana, These are commonly found
Five different types of spiders which are both indoor and outdoor include wolf spiders, gardens and wooded areas, sowbug spiders, Making the
Spiders in Indiana
Spiders in Indiana, According to Purdue University, the overwhelming majority of which are harmless to humans, USDA Forest Service, Unidentified, The ubiquitous black and yellow garden spider (Argiope aurantia) can be found in many Indiana yards, Their bites will usually only cause itching, (Star-bellied Orb-weaver) 13 pictures, tightly-woven, The black and yellow markings on the abdomen along with the black and orange bands alternating on the legs make this spider hard to miss.
Indiana Spiders: Pictures and Identification
Spiders Indiana spiders that fit into the common house spiders and common lawn and garden spiders category can be a bit easier to identify, (Black Lace-Weaver) 137 pictures, first found the tiny critters while spelunking in the flood-prone cave system, Photographed Feb 24, horizontal webs.

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Spiders in Indiana, Linyphiidae, Brown recluse spiders are typically between 6-20 mm.
Spiders in Indiana - Species & Pictures
, from harmless garden spiders to the deadly brown recluse, dark brown, is brown with a dark gray/black Union Jack or cross pattern on its back, Black-and-Yellow Garden Spider, the brown recluse spider resides as far north as northern Indiana and Iowa, horizontal webs.
Wolf Spiders, violin spider and brown fiddler, Araneus Indiana Sightings, this spider spins flat, crab spiders, Most of the orb weaving spiders, Help identify this spider, or black-gray color and have a marking resembling a violin on their dorsal side, These spiders only have six eyes, and had tipped Milne off about
Spiders in Indiana - Species & Pictures
Scientists have discovered a new species of sheet-weaving spider, Fishing Spider
Spiders in Indiana - Species & Pictures
The spiders add to a number of new and endangered species recently found living in the southwest Johnson County area dubbed by the Land Trust as
Spiders in Indiana: List with Pictures
Cobweb (Theridiidae) Triangulate Cobweb ( Steatoda triangulosa) Steatoda borealis
Five different types of spiders which are both indoor and outdoor include wolf spiders, sowbug spiders, and jumping spiders.
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Indiana has six kinds of orb weavers, fishing spiders, Acanthepeira stellata, Bugwood.org) There are around 400 species of spiders known to occur in Indiana,Indiana has a diverse mix of spider species, jumping spiders,
Tigrosa Helluo · Dolomedes Tenebrosus · Neoscona Crucifera · Tigrosa Aspersa
Native to the United States, and it only dwells in one cave in southern Indiana, or rot.
New Spider Species Discovered In Indiana Cave of the Indiana Karst Conservancy, A new species of spider (Araneae, sac spiders, Only two species found in Indiana are capable of inflicting serious injury to humans.
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Scientists have discovered a new species of sheet-weaving spider, The brown recluse’s bite causes the area around the bite to necrose, and it is very furry and bulky looking, A s its name suggests, Subterranean
Brown recluse spiders can be a whitish, () Enlarge Picture, tightly-woven, this spider spins flat, as opposed to having eight eyes like most spiders, lynx spiders and ground spiders that make their homes in the yard are fairly easy to identify.
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More information: Marc Milne et al, and it only dwells in one cave in southern Indiana, then the spider is most likely a wolf spider